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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
  Good God, Look at all that Snow!
NOT! we had a dusting of snow. It covered the cars and little patches in the grass that was it and yet the people of my county decided that it was just TOO much and canceled school. My two teenagers are loving Tenn. If we were still in Minot, it could be 2 feet of snow and they would still have to go to school. My poor little guy had to go, though. City schools say screw you, get your kids to school!

I now have 5 rows plus the edging on the baby blanket (I'm not sure it will get done before we leave on Saturday). I made a total of 3 book thongs yesterday and today I am working on a wrap to take on the plane with me and to wear in Vegas if it gets chilly. I love the Symphony yarn by RH it is so freakin' soft!! I'm pairing it with my second favorite yarn Woolease sport in Blue Mist. I say it is my second fav. because I have bought a ton of this yarn in the last six months for various projects. I love the color (obviously). Hope to have this done by tonite so I can show you tomorrow.

Got my swap partners for the Flower Swap. Ulla and Jess, yeah! I have a couple of ideas already but will have to wait to get started after I get back.

My middle son has a bad cold...really sore throat, so todays day off from school should do him some good. He sounds horrible. So far we have all had something in this house so I'm hoping this is the end. Seems like January and February are terrible for sickness.

Oh, I got my Pattern Works catalog yesterday in the mail! I love that catalog. I refer back to it all the time and drool over the patterns and the yarn. It is such a good "dream" book. They have a couple of yarns in there that I have my eye on for the yarn swap. I just need to get my partners for that and I can make a decision.

Have a great day all!!!

Peace~ DAWN

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