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Sunday, March 20, 2005
  First Day of SPRING!! Jump for Joy
Well, lets start with the movie review, shall we: **** 4 stars out of 5. This was a really good 'take the family to a movie' flick. It was funny and cute. Not a big brain buster, but then again, it's not supose to be. Vin Diesel is so good in this role and as he becomes more ennamered by the children he becomes more endearing. Not to mention, there is a nice shower and towel scene that I'm sure was put in just for the moms who took there kids. Nice little 'thank you'. The kids in the movie were great. Not overly cute where you want to puke, but fairly realistic. I just didn't buy the principal of the school played by Gilmore Girls "Lorali". Not that she isn't a good actress, but not believable as principal.

Okay, now on to the above photo. This is the embroidery I wrote about earlier in the week. Not bad considering that I haven't embroidered in about 5 years or so. Just a simple stencle design to get me back in the saddle. I have a nice white cotton tank that I'm gonna do next. My son drew me a nice Betty Boop and I want to put it in the center with some glitzy stuff around the neckline. In my head it is pretty cool looking; let's just hope I can pull it off.

It is laundry day here at this house. In every bedroom my kids have mounds of laundry that they need to do. If the washer can handle all the abuse it is gonna get today then I say Sears you are the man! I had to implement a schedule cause this is rediculous. So starting next week each kid has a laundry day. Mine is Monday and this here marathon is gonna interfer with it, I just know it.

Okay, I have to make a Wal-mart run with the husband. We are grilling out because it is the first day of Spring, by God and we are gonna ring it in no matter how crappy the weather is!!! I suggest you do the same and maybe if we all pretend that it is nice and sunny and spring-like it will actually happen. If Kevin Costner can do it with baseball, I figure we can do it with the weather. "Grill out and Spring will come."

Peace all

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