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Monday, March 28, 2005
  Easter Monday (in Canada and the U.K.)
Meditate On This
. . .we spend our lives exploring our willingness to live our full potential
Okay, something new. I like quotes and poems and writing in general that one can use to expand their thinking. Nothing preachy, just a little something to ponder for the week. Give it a try. . you maybe pleasantly surprised with yourself.
Yeah! let me preface the following by saying I love my little boy very much. He is back in school today!! he had a 2 week long spring break. I said 2 weeks, people. He's nine. That is like summer vacation for a 9 year old. Next week my two that are in high school get out for one week spring break. You would think that the schools could make their breaks coincide with one another to help out the parents who both work or those families who want to vacation TOGETHER. Hello--
I started my "get your ass ready for the beach" workout today. I'm feeling pretty good, but by morning I may be crawling. I am determined to, uh hum, firm up before baring this bod in a bathing suit. I want to be comfortable and confidant not trying to conceal jiggly bits. Wish me luck!
I swear to you I will finish the Flower Swap projects TODAY! I will! I have two small details to attend to and they will be complete. I will mail them out on Thursday (cause that is the hot day before payday and one of them has to go to Sweden--I don't want to even guess how much that will be). But it will be worth it because I am confident that both Jess and Ulla will love what I made them--mostly because I love it and really want to keep all the flower things. But, I can make more.
Enjoy your day and seriously, meditate on the above words for at least the length of a red light or while doing the dishes. Feel the weight of each word and let it sink into your conscience.
Peace All~

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