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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
  Cloudy Days Ahead
I just want to let those that regularly read my blog know that my family is going through a pretty serious crisis right now and so my blog may not be it's usual self. I will continue to post but can't promise anything.

I will continue to work on the swaps I'm in and I will participate in the Scarf Swap coming up (because I signed up and I like to follow through) but other than that I will have to bow out of future swaps until further notice.

I often blog about the bright side of things and being strong and full of good intentions and now it seems that I have to be a practitioner of those things as well so as not to loose sight of the important things in life. I am chanting on a regular basis "I am devinely protected and guided at all times" for now when I want to cry it is what gets me through.

Sorry this is so damn melancholy. Tomorrow will be better...
Peace all~

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