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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
  The Citrus Collection
Oh, I'm so happy. I found a charity that is set up to help Unicef bring aide to the victums of the tsunami in Thailand. Check it out: The String Scrubbie Project. To show you I am serious. . .I made 3 dishclothes last nite and my goal is 10 for this month.

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I love them, they are so bright and cheery! I'm not even an orange person but am drawn to these. I have somemore of the daisy ombre and some with blues and greens and white. I hope that gets me at least 4 more. Then I may get some solid color cotton. Anywho. . .

I'm not sure what is up with Denise's link from yesterdays post. It was working in the morning and by the afternoon the webpage is kaplooie. It still is not up. Damn!!!! She has a ton of doilies I have yet to make!

The kids have dentist appointments this afternoon and I plan on waiting them out by making more dishclothes. Hmmmm, good thing I found that charity. I hate taking big projects out in public cause there is soooo muchhh crap to drag with. The yarn and the bag to hold the yarn and the pattern that always falls and shift and it's just to much drama. Inevitably you get into the pattern and your wait is over and you have to pack it all up and try to remember your place. Small projects rule for public displays of crochet. You can quote me on that, if you want.

I love love love my Hq It's on online bookmark manager and it holds tons of patterns and links and source pages for me without cluttering up my bookmark on my computer. Great tool!!

Okay, now for a personal note [cause my sister reads my blog though she doesn't crochet--she loves me:)]. She and her girlfriend where in Florida for vacation last week and the day before they came home her house was broken into and ransacked!! thankfully nothing that they no of was taken but tons of stuff was destroyed. Furniture and knick knacks, electronics. The stupid f***er that did it drank a bottle of liquer and trashed their home, puked on their carpet and left. They know who did it and yet the cops won't do anything because it is "your word against his". I'm not even going to go into how pissed off that makes me cause my keyboard may burst into flames! let me just state that I guess it really is only on T.V that they take samples, of say puke i.e vomit, and match it to the suspect. Why oh why can't Grisom and his team of CSI be real and fighting for the little guy?

I love you! "K" and I hope things get better. "R" says he'll kick his ass if he sees him. God help us all! on that ironic note. . .

Peace all~

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