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Sunday, February 06, 2005
  Weekend Update
Friday I got the yarn I was expecting! and that has made me happy and busy. I wound them into balls and got straight to work on the thing I'm making for the Swap. It is turning out so pretty--I love the way this yarn is hanging and the weight of it. She's gonna love it (I hope).

Saturday my sister and her girlfriend came over and my husband helped my sister with her taxes. I taught L. how to make a little bag. She wanted to learn how to crochet in the round so she could make bags out of hemp. So while we were at it...it turned into the bottom the sides and the draw-string round. She was thrilled and I was thrilled for her. I think my poor sis was bored out of her mind. Yarn and such is not her thing. She is more of an artist with paint than with fibers. But she's a sport.
Also, I got my "gift" from Adagio Teas for putting a link to them on my blog. I got 6 sample tins of green tea! Six! I was expecting one, so that was very pleasant. I broke out the teapot and we had some of the Apricot Green tea-- I highly recommend this one! I let my last cup get cold and drank it anyway and I think I prefer this particular tea cold! It will be a great one this summer. Can't wait. As I type, I'm having some Red bud Chai.

Sunday--superbowl day! GO EAGLES! time will tell on that one as the game hasn't even started yet. I have hope though. My husband is out in the shop seeing if he can make me some handles out of oak for some crochet purses and bags. I believe he can do it and it will save me a ton of money cause wooden handles are not cheap and are hard to find unless you order them. We watched a suck ass movie this morning...'Harold and Kumar go to White Castle'. Avoid this piece of crap at all cost. In fact, smack anyone who saw it and said it was good. I think every slang word for vagina was used at some point . . . it just made my skin crawl at the base way in which women are portrayed and the fact that we as women take it and don't, in unison stand up and tell guys where to stick it. We out number them, you know. If we would just stand up in our power and take back the position of the godesses that we were meant to be....

Blah blah. Just a little ticked.

I want to put up a photo of this swap yarn, but I want it to be a surprise more, so I will refrain. Enjoy the game if you choose to watch it and if not, enjoy whatever it is you choose to do instead.

Peace~ DAWN

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