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Thursday, February 24, 2005
  Warning: Rambling Ahead
I found the cuteist button at JustCinful's blog and I took it (she said you can). It's the little froggy on the sidebar: gone rippin'. Hehe, I just love it! Love her blog layout as well.

Big news on the shawl/poncho swap- - I am done with the "extra" thing I was making. . .okay, it's a little bag to go with the wrap. I just have to line it and then I will post a picture of it. It is adorable!! I want to keep it, fortunately I have enough yarn left over to make one for myself. I'm also half through with the baby blanket for my friend. Giant grannies are mindless crochet so I get alot done when I'm watching tv. Survivor is on tonite...I don't crochet while that is on cause you could miss something while looking down.

Ah, 9 days till we (me and hubby) go to Vegas-baby for a week! This will be our third year in a row. Probably our last for awhile. We have tickets to see Celine (my Valentine present) and eat at Fiamma's , which is a fantastic restaurant by the way, for future reference. Cannot wait!!

Also, we got confirmation yesterday for our vacation in Florida in June. We got the RonJon Resort in Cocoa Beach from my dad's timeshare. So our lodging for a week is free. Plus, it's the beach and that is all I care about. We went last year but stayed in Orlando with family (which was fine) this year is better cause we won't have to drive an hour to get to the beach. The kids are excited. This may be our last full on family vacation. My oldest is 17! and that means, well we won't get into that cause I don't wanna cry.

Two side notes:
1. My middle son comes in from track practice yesterday and says, "man, I hate running." Duh, get use to it, it's track that is what you do.
2. My youngest is laying on the floor last nite and says, "I can't wait till I can drive so I can go to the dollar store and get peach rings whenever I want." Aaahh, to be a kid and all you want are peach rings to make you happy.

I leave you with that (peach rings are gross, by the way--I don't know why anyone would want them. The frogs-which taste like apricots- or the worms, now those are good).

Peace~ DAWN

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