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Friday, February 04, 2005
  UPS is Great
I love the brown truck! they bring such wonderful things to your door--- like RAOK packages! I got a great one today chuck full of all kinds of goodies that I just love and adore. Who loves ginger? me. Who loves oils and sage bundles? me. Who loves tea and crystals? me. Who loves my Raoker? Me! I'm feeling extra special and loved today and I am full of gratitude. I can't even tell you....

What a way to start the weekend! which will be filled with little 8 and 9 year old boys sleeping over for my youngest ones birthday. He and my husband share a birthday on Monday, but the *gulp* sleep over is Saturday. I told my husband, I think I have to be somewhere Saturday nite, hmm, wonder what my sister is doing that day?

Mmm, that ginger chew was really good:)

I have started a new project... I'm making a tote bag with granny squares in a spring garden color theme. So far it is looking good....I will have a ton of RH yarn leftover so depending on how this one turns out, I may make a few of these to give away. The colors are making me long for warmer days. I went out to get the mail yesterday and saw, poking through the dead leaves in the front garden, the shoot of the Hyacynths and some of the Crocus! anyway, I will also line the tote in a pretty floral pattern that goes great with the yarn colors and maybe make a little carry case for hooks and scissors and such. Unless my yarn for the swap gets here soon, I will have this tote knocked out rather quickly.

Have a great Weekend everyone!!!

Peace~ DAWN

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