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Saturday, February 12, 2005
  Two Thumbs Up
What a funny movie!! If you were thinking of seeing "Hitch" go for it. Well worth the ticket price. Be sure to stay at the end for the ugly dancing scene.

Saw a couple of previews for some comedy movies that looked good, but I'll wait for video. There is nothing else out there that I want to pay $7.75 a ticket to see.

We decided that while the living room is empty for the carpet installation, we might as well go ahead and paint the walls too. So me and my son went back up to Lowes and picked up some paint. It's called Tagsale Linen. It's kind of a fleshy beige. We're apparently doing a Trading Spaces thing and getting as much done in the room in the shortest amount of time. Right now they are in there nailing down stuff and preparing the floor for the padding. I'm so excited to be getting new carpet and getting rid of the stark white walls!

I crocheted a cute little scarf from Knit Pixie with some chunky alpaca I bought from Handpaintedyarn.com. It worked up in about 1 hour! I wore it out to the movies and have it on now as a matter of fact. I'll get a picture up of it next week. It's under the free patterns page. They have some nice yarns too and their Reds, Pinks and Whites are on sale now for Valentines day.

Have a great Day!!
Peace~ DAWN

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