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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
  Tequila Mockingbird
Tequila Mockingbird is a blog and when I saw the title it just made me laugh. I have a weird sense of humor, anyway. I checked out the blog and it was interesting, so I linked to it for you in case you want something to read besides crochet. (blasphamy, maybe....but you will get over it)

Okay, I got my order from Adagio Teas yesterday evening and I am so thrilled. I ran around the house telling a bunch of men (Hello) "you have to smell this...isn't it great...oooh look at this one....isn't this box pretty". You get the picture I'm sure. All of my guys are so use to me and are such good sports. They are gonna make great husbands one day and my husband is already great! Anyhow, the picture above speaks for itself. I have one more gift certificate and it is going toward some of the Jasmine bloom tea for sure (plus, you know I will get some others as well). Oh, they included a free sample--that's the one that is open--of their Valentines tea. It smells like chocolate strawberries! mmmmmm

On to the Yarn. I ordered some yarn from Handpaintedyarn.com and the photo is what I got. I'm so excited. The colors are brillent and the yarn texture is awesome. It takes a little longer for the order to arrive (but they warn you of this beforehand). It keeps their costs down. Very reasonable and unique yarn. I'm still waiting on the yarn I ordered for the shawl/poncho swap, so until then, I started on the Red Scarf Project scarf. It is gonna be gorgeous.

Show of hands if you are ready for SPRING! I am so sick of the dreary weather we've been having in Tenn. I can handle cold, but I gotta have the sunshine with it or it drives me bananas. I looked on Marnies blog yesterday and she posted pictures from her weekly visit to the beach to roam and play and man, oh man, was I envious. It is February, however, which means spring is almost here!! so light some candles tonite and for those of you with tea...drink it if you got it.

Peace~ DAWN


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