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Saturday, February 26, 2005
  Sweaters for Yarn
Well, I decided to try recycling sweaters for their yarn. Some of you out there have done this with great success and I thought I'd give it a try. I went to the GoodWill store yesterday and bought 4 sweaters (for $14). The red tags were an sale for half price. So far I have ripped out 2 3/4 of the sweaters. I've already begun recyling one into the butterfly shawl with some minor changes for my taste. So far so good. I love the blue yarn. I made one big blunder. I didn't take pictures of the "lovely" sweaters before I began to rip. So I'll take one now.

Okay the above photo includes:

This is such fun. I never though I'd take such pleasure from FROGGING. As I was holding up the tan sweater there in the photo, this woman said, "oh, that is a lovely sweater". I said, "I just love the colors in it..." this woman had no idea what was to become of the sweater or she may have wrestled me to the ground for it. I will never look at sweaters the same way again.

Can't wait to share the final results of their transfermations.

Oh, I went to send off my package to Deb (she is my swap partner for the wrap) and I had included a little bottle of body spray, so of course it has to go ground instead of flying. It will take about a week to get to her. I hope she gets it and comments before Saturday (that's when we leave for our Vegas trip). You all just don't know, I had such fun making this wrap for her. I hope she can wear it on her cruise.

My neice is in town to compete in a drill team competition in Smyrna so we will be going to that event tonite. I have no idea what expect but she is very talented (and beautiful, I might add). I will try and get some photos to put up later.

Have a great day everyone!

Peace~ DAWN


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