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Thursday, February 17, 2005
HeHe; I now have holoscan for my comments. Sister this is for you: when you click on comments a little box will come up and next to the word "comments" is a ? if you click on the ? you can add smilies and such (cool, huh). Okay all, comment away!

My sister doesn't have a blog, but she played along on the "fun journal activity" I posted on Feb. 15 and here it is:

Well I don't have a jorunal but heres mine: Though native peoples didnot always and everywhere survive the encounters with Europeans, those who did accomplished survival by relying on the adaptive strengths they had evolved over millennia, combining these with creative innovations suited to living with the invaders. From,The Native Americans An Illustrated History, by David Hurst Thomas and about for other authors. - your sister.

Thanks sis, for participating. That was a cool passage. I told you it would be interesting.

Thanks Cindy. The fringe does look silky in that photo, hmmm.

Having a CRAPPY DAY, so this is it for an entry.
Enjoy your day,
Peace~ DAWN

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