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Monday, February 07, 2005
  Happy Birthday to Husband and Son
Today my husband and youngest son celebrate their respective birthdays. My youngest is 9 years old today!!! and my husband is not.

I bought a new crocheting book today. I don't need another one, but this one caught my eye: Crocheting School-A Complete Course.
It is completely full of a variety of techniques and stitches and the photos are super clear and the instructions are easy to follow. If you are looking for a good all round book check into this one. I also ordered a couple more books and when I get them I will post about those, too.

We went in to school this morning for my oldest. He was setting up his class schedule for his senior year next year (catch me). They like the parents to come for whatever reason. Bragging Time (turn away if flagrant nepotism makes you barf): our boys are GREAT! we don't need to hold their hands because they really have their shit together. Even the 9 year old. Me and my husband are very blessed and we are grateful. His classes where right on target and he basically just needs to keep on doing what he is doing.

No crochet news. Just working on the same three or four projects and hopefully will have a couple done by the weekend.

Keep on crocheting, people. I'm SICK of seeing all the knit stuff out there. I saw at least 5 (FIVE ) knitting magazines at the bookstore and a bunch of knitting books. Only 4 crochet books and 2 thread crochet mags and 1 crochet mag. Don't get me wrong- if you knit- carry on but crocheters rock, too. We need some publishers to take the hint and give us our due also. Crochet fashions and accessories are brillant right now! I love to see how creative someone can be with a ball of yarn and a single hook.

Got to pick up the little one from school---we're eating out at a Chinese restaurant tonite and coming home for some Black Forest Cake for dessert. Enjoy your evenings

Peace~ DAWN


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