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Monday, February 28, 2005
  Caution: Highly Opinionated Area Ahead
No crochet news today except that I'm 7 rows and the edging from completing the baby blanket and I made 2 book thongs this morning (one for my son who made the beads and one for me--because he made the beads).

I was reading from Barbara Kingsolver's book Small Wonder and this passage caught me:
. . . though in Costa Rica, where children matter more than an army, the sturdiest shoes are made in small sizes, and every tiny hamlet has at least a one-room school.
I don't know why, but when I read that I just stopped and thought to myself, "of course, isn't that the way it should be. . . that children matter more than an army and that the sturdiest shoes are made for them." That is the way it should be, but sadly in a lot of cases, is not.
It may be so in our own lives, but not in our communities where we need the support the most. Children should be able to thrive in their communities and reach their potential, not be afraid to play in their neighborhoods or go to school because they are picked on. Who stands up for them? Who says, don't act that way, play nice, have fun when mom or dad can't be around? Who tells a struggling child to hold their head up that they are worth everything? When parents can't be there with their children, it falls to the other adults in the community to act responsibly and to make sure each child " is worth more than an army" and "has the sturdiest shoes".

That is my social commentary for the day....play nice
Peace~ DAWN

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