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Sunday, February 20, 2005
  Bees are Lucky. . .
Yes, I still get bees in my bedroom on occation and this time they brought me a shawl (what? you may ask) well,
Yesterday we were gone all day and into the early evening. We don't use our front door, we use our garage door so I didn't know that the mailman had dropped off a package.
This morning I found another bee at my window so I caught it in a cup and took it to the front door to let it out and when I opened the door there was a package laying there. It was from my swap pal (Nina Kate). The shawl she made for me is awesome! I have wanted a shawl like this for awhile but that stitch is a bitch for me. The color is perfect and so is the yarn. I am just so thrilled with it. She also sent me a nice tote bag, some light blue earrings she made, some-a lot-of boulce yarn in a creamy beige and a leather rose. WOW! lucky I am.

Peace everyone~ DAWN

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