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Thursday, February 03, 2005
  Bee's are Back
Well, the bees just won't give up. Yesterday morning I found 4 of them again just hanging out on my bedroom window. I opened my curtains in the morning and had my face practically touching the glass just gazing out at the drizzle and greyness when my vision focused on something and I realized I was practically nose to nose with a bee. Once again there were 4...must be significant in my life right now. My dad is just excited that there could be honey in our walls. Yeah, I'll be collecting on that...just let me get my demolition hat out.

I have 4 more rows on the Sehaphin shawl and then she will be done!! I can't say gorgeous enough to describe her. Well, if I don't procrastinate I may get her done today.

The past two days I have been getting packages together to mail to some lucky people. It's been fun and I think I am finally caught up on my RAOK pay it forwards. Plus an extra one for good measure.

In case my Winter Secret Pal is reading this today...this is for you. I sincerely hope that all is well with you and your family. I am sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time of it lately. Please don't feel badly about the reveal...things happen that we have no way of nowing are coming and dealing with them can sometimes take all that we have. As long as you are dealing with what needs to be taken care of, that is truely all that matters. I wish you better days ahead and there is no need to appologize. The dog on the ecard said it all. I'm a sucker for 'the puppy face'.

Okay, have a great day all!!
Peace~ DAWN

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