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Monday, December 27, 2004
  X-mas 2004 in the can
Well, another Christmas has bit the dust. I hope you all had a great time and got all the goodies that you desired. We had a blast, but alas, today is the big clean-up day and time to get things back in some sort of order. We won't take down the decorations until this weekend, but at least we can start finding a place for all the new loot. I've already got a load of laundry in (one of many, I might add) and have straightened out my bedroom. The living room and kitchen are next.

My dad left at around 4 a.m for Florida to visit my brother and his family. He's not a dummy. It's pretty cold here so he picks the kid farthest south to go visit. It is suppose to warm back up this week, thank goodness. This below freezing crap sucks.

How many of you have already started on all those projects you said can wait until after the holidays? I need to make a list, first of all the things I said I wanted to do and all the CAL's I wanted to join. My goal this year for my crocheting is for each thing I make I want to make an equal amount and donate it to charity. I have so much left over scraps of yarn that could go to good use somewhere out in the world and it won't do any good unless I put it in motion. I'm planning on making hats, prayer/blessing shawls, and pet blankies. I may add some other items but for now, I figure that is a good start.

Have a great day everyone and I look forward to conversing with more of you in the new year. Please don't be shy about posting comments to me. I love to hear what you all are thinking and if you have found something I wrote of particular interest. I will also be more conscious of commenting to many of you as well.

Peace~ DAWN

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