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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
  Winter Solstice
Happy Winter Solstice to all! After today we can look forward to the lengthening of days. I am a sun lover so that is good news to me.

I have begun a new project for myself. I am making a shawl from this pattern The Tweed Shawl. It is looking really good. I like it because it has a bit of texture to it and isn't as open as a lot of shawl patterns are. When I'm sitting around the house reading or watching t.v. I want something that is going to keep the chill off and I think that this is just the ticket. Plus, I needed a new shawl. I made one about 5 years ago out of homespun and it has held up rather well. I'm just wanting a change now.
My dad has asked in an indirect way for me to make a toboggan for him. I had asked him before if he wanted a hat and he made a negative comment about my hats so I took that as a no. Then yesterday as I sat finishing up a flap hat he said something in the realm of "hey, aren't you suppose to be making me one of these?' I said, "um, I don't know, do you want one?" he comes back with, "well, I thought you were making me one, but without the ear covers." So....I guess he wants one of my "ugly hats", as he puts it, now. Go figure.

As the big day approaches (Christmas around these parts), I am feeling a little bit under pressure. I still need to make a couple of desserts for the big day, problem is I'm not motivated to do so. I guess the solution to that is to simple get off my butt and do it. I have taken some of the pressure off of myself for the Christmas day dinner. We bought a Honey Baked Ham and it is all ready to serve, no baking necessary on my part. I just need to do some of the trimmings which are no brainer kind of items i.e: deviled eggs, ambrosia salad, crossants, hot german potato salad and a veggie tray. Most can be done the day before. I want to relax as much as possible on the big day and just enjoy my kids and family without slaving away in the kitchen. So I pre-planned for this year ;).

Anyway, I hope all of your festivities are coming along nicely and that you are enjoying your family and friends at this happy time of year. Have a good Winter Solstice day.

Peace~ DAWN

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