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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
  Soggy Tuesday
Thank God, the rain has finally stopped. Man, I like to hear it rain at nite and all but damn, last nite it didn't even take a tiny break. I was thinking it would rain all day again, like yesterday but mercy has been granted and the sun is beginning to peak out.

All the baking is done! I just need to make the Tennessee Whiskey Cake (made with Jack Daniels, of course). I don't want to make it to early or there won't be any left for Christmas day. We had a lot of fun baking and talking new age jargen. My sisters girlfriend is applying for a job in a new age book and gift store and needed some info and we just sat around and yacked while things were baking. I had my massage table set up so they each got a 20 minute back massage -- that is the only thing about being a massage therapist, no one thinks to give one back......luckily, I have my own therapist--but she doesn't live with me. My family is so lucky.

Not much got done on the crochet front this weekend. I have my sisters flap hat almost done. It just needs flaps. She saw her nephews with theirs on this weekend and said they were cool and she wanted one (yeah, bonus!). I also started a hat for her girlfriend. Super easy, so it should take no time. It's the kind of thing you can knock out while watching t.v. Speaking of which,

The Bourne Supremacy comes out on DVD today!! Awesome movie. The first one was, too. I just love Matt Damon. This weekend me and my hubby are gonna see 'Oceans Twelve'. We loved the first one and since the same cast is back, it should be just as good. What is it with me and sequals on this post?

Alrighty, lots of house work to be done...I know, that is akin to cussing, but it most be done. Have a great day and stay centered in all the rush and tumble of the day. Breath....

P.S. for all those who are Jewish..... Happy Chanukah!

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