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Friday, December 31, 2004
  Q and A
Thanks to those who've played and here are the answers to your questions. I've copied down all the recommendations for books, movies, and artists and will research them. Thanks again.

Questions from Mitzi:
#1Do you ever find yourself caught between what you want to say and what you should say to be polite and if so, what do you do? Are you a peace keeper or a rebel?All the time. I'm definately a peace keeper. I probably bite my tongue more than I should.
#2Do you have a daily skin care regimen that you practice faithfully? I don't sleep with makeup on and I use Oil of Olay Total Effects lotion. Great stuff!!
#3Do you have any strong recurring dreams and if so - can you share what they're about? (I know that can be very personal, so that part is optional...)No. No reoccuring dreams. I'm so boring.

Questions from Kari:
1. Who is your hero? I don't really have a hero, but I have people that I admire: My grandmother (who died at 92), My best friend, Trish, and anyone who sacrifices a life of comfort and ease in order to help those who are less fortunate and in need.
2. What would you spend $100 on that ISN'T crochet or knit related (that means no yarn)? I would need $1220 for the set, but $100 would almost get me one: a Crystal Singing Bowl
3. What's your favorite size of crochet hook? definately H (I also like the G):

Questions from Marvie:
1. Do you wear makeup? If so, only on special occasions, or every time you leave the house? I do wear makeup but truely it's only when I feel like it. I leave the house all the time with a naked face and DON"T think a thing about it. Hey, I figure, this is what I look like, take it or leave it. But I am girly, too so sometimes I like to look the part. hehe
2. What's your favorite animal? Domestic would be DOG (I really have a soft spot for large breeds) and wild it would be CATS specifically LIONS. I collect lion stuff and have them all over my house.
3. Besides Crochetville or blogs, what website do you visit most often? www.Amazon.com I'm a book junkie. I admit it.

Questions from Tiffany:
Do your hands get dry from crocheting? No, not really.
Do you have a favorite hand cream? (My hands are in horrible shape this winter!) I have 2 that I really love: one is from Bath and Bodyworks called Hydrating hand and nail cream in FIG and the other is from Burts Bees called Almond Milk Hand Crème
What is your favorite breakfast food? (It's late and I've got breakfast on the mind. :D) Well, I don't really eat breakfast but I'd say in a pinch blueberry poptarts and if I go out for breakfast it would be biscuts with gravy (YUM).

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