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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
  Poem Today
No title to the poem. I wrote it after seeing the empty wingback chair in my sons room facing out toward the dark of nite. It was a little ominous to me but somehow comforting also (to know our home is our refuge). Anyway:

An empty chair
sits in the dark
looking out on a winters nite,
the naked window
exposing a black portal
and the empty chair
offering a repite for scrying,
sit and gaze
or quietly walk past-
the future unfolds
if it is asked.

Okay, poetry break over (I just felt like sharing).. My shawl is coming along beautifully. I just keep holding it out and admiring the yarn and the stitch. A little crazy, I know, but it is just gonna feel so warm and cozy wrapped around me when it is done.

I finally made the Tenn. Whiskey (crumble) Cake. I added the crumble because part of it stuck in the pan and what was left of it shifted as I transfered it from the cooling rack to the plate. It is one f***ed up looking cake, but I sampled the bits that remained in the pan and ------ YUM! It may look like one of my boys made it (Ha!) but it sure is delicious. I just need to make the whiskey sauce to cover it and if I put enough Jack in it no one will care what the hell it looks like. Next time I make it I'm gonna soak all the fruit (dates, cherries, and apricots) in the Jack first and then mix it in the batter. It will be heavenly then.

Okay, I have last minute shopping to do today. If you don't have any last minute running around to do, don't brag. I thought I was done too but there is always something else to get at the grocery store or a last minute do dad to add. I want to get it done today because tomorrow our weather here in Tennessee is suppose to turn crappy. I hate going out in the rain and wind and add cold to it and forget it.

Have a good day, all! Peace be with you and all of your loved ones.

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