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Thursday, December 09, 2004
  Here we go again....
It's raining again here in the state of TN. We can't seem to get out of this stupid pattern and it is really getting f*****g old. It has rained so much that my oldest two boys don't have school today because it's flooding all around to building. My youngest still had to wad in because he goes to city school and they expect you to go through hell AND high water to get there. It kind of puts a kink in my day, since I was planning on wrapping as many presents as I could to get them out of hiding and under the tree. I hate wrapping in my bedroom, I'd much rather spread myself out on the dinning room table and have at it. Plus, I need a hard surface and the bed just isn't cutting it. So....wrapping will have to wait till tomorrow, unless nature has something to say about it.

My crochet time has seriously been squeezed out lately and I am missing it sorely. I have so many ideas for new projects and not the time to implement them. I should probably write it all down, but I won't. I still have two hats to finish before the BIG day. I keep saying it's no big deal, but if I'm not careful that day will arrive and the yarn will still be on my hook!

I'm making a roast for dinner in the crock pot (one of my favorite cooking devices!). I'm slow cooking it with a package of onion soup mix and a can of cream of mushroom soup. Mmmmm....later when the gravey is thick, I'll serve it with broccili and tiny roasted red potatoes! it needs a dessert to finish it off, I'll need to think of something.

Have a great day everyone. Peace~ DAWN

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