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Thursday, December 30, 2004
  Happy Day
Yippie!! I finished my tweed shawl and I am sooo very happy with it. Sorry the photo isn't bigger. I saved it kidda small (oops). But in the close up you can see how the stitch looks. It's called a shell, but it is sc and 2dc that make it up so the uneveness (I don't know if that is a word) makes it appear almost like a puff stitch! How cool is that. I was a little stingy on the fringe for two reasons. #1 I don't like a whole lot of dangly bits floating around while I'm trying to do stuff and #2 I didn't want to have to drive 40 miles to the Hobby Lobby to get another skein of this yarn. Walmart doesn't carry it. So there you have it.

With the shawl "on" my back I am now free to begin other projects. I want to be involved with the Thread CAL and the Ripple CAL so I need to settle on a few patterns. I think with the Ripple what I'm gonna do is kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Since one of my goals this year is to give to more charities......I'm thinking of making some little ripple blankies for animal shelters Hugs for Homeless Animals. That way I can participate in the CAL and donate what I create. Tadah. As for the thread crochet. I love doilies....So what I make there I will more than likely keep.

We are having so much fun around here since opening up our gifts. This computer kicks butt so much better than the older fellow.....which I am giving to my sister. She's never owned a computer and is thrilled to be getting the old one. Plus, the older two got mini IPods and are feverously trying to store 1,000 songs before their break ends, I think. Good luck. That is a lot of music if you think about it.

I was thinking about my last post and a little disappointed that not many people played along. I realize that everyone is busy and into their own things so this might not have been for everyone... so I've decided to just list a recommendation for a MOVIE, a BOOK and an ALBUM for all of you to think about.
MOVIE: Saving Grace
(I thought this British movie about an older woman growing pot to sell so she doesn't loose her home was hilarious. Check it out for a good laugh)
BOOK: The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
(long, yes...but well worth it. You will get absorbed into these peoples lives, I swear. I know I've had A Probable Future on my sidebar for quite awhile and am only half finished with it but that is a good read also. I love the way Alice Hoffman writes. Her use of words to tell a story is very visual.)
ALBUM: Cold Play "Rush of Blood to the Head"
(there really isn't a bad song on the entire CD, I know that is hard to believe, but true. Give it a try if you want something new.)
Hope this gives you something to look forward to if looking for a new pick at entertainment.

I'm gonna get online now and find me some patterns. Have a great day out there!!
Peace~ DAWN


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