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Sunday, December 19, 2004
  A Big Thanks
I would like to send out a big thank you to all of you who commented on my big news. I really appreciate all the well wishes. I would say I've finally recovered, but every time I think about passing that test I get a big 'ol grin on my face all over again. What a feeling!

I recieved a great holiday swap package from Tiffany in Nevada and I would like to say thanks, again to her. It was filled with some great things. A nice crocheted hat, some pretty yarn that will soon become a purse for moi, some note cards and a note pad, a great booklet with hat and scarf patterns a crocheted christmas doily and last but not least on the list, a pair of socks with toes! I love it all.

We are getting a teeny tiny bit of snow flake action outside as I type this. It won't amount to anything around here (thank goodness), but it does look pretty and Christmasy coming down. I'm not a white Christmas kinda gal. I can get in the spirit in hot weather as well as cold. I've spent several Christmases in Hawaii and in Florida not to mention N. Dakota. It's about what is in your heart not what is out the front door. For all of you with loved ones and friends in the middle east (and other countries as well) right now, I hope that this holiday you have special memories to cling to and I sincerely hope for a speedy and especially safe return home for all of those away.

I am still crocheting along, but at a much less frantic pace. I just take a little time out of each day to get a square done or a couple of rows of something else. I am just enjoying the process right now and the fact that all the gifts are done. I have a burning desire to begin something new so I think I will put on my thinking cap and get something together form my secret pal...

Have a great day everyone and HO HO HO....
Peace~ DAWN

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