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Thursday, December 23, 2004
  Big Mail Day
Wow! Yesterday was a big mail day around here for me. I received a package from one of my Crochetville Swap partners. Elizabeth made me a needle case (which I shall use to hold my tape measure and stitch counter) plus a nice pair of scissors in a case to match the other one. I really love it and am going to enjoy using it.
Next I got a package from MY SECRET PAL!! woooo hooooo---- she sent me some pear scented soaps and made a jingle bell ornament for my tree plus, and this is the best, she made me a red scarf... what makes this so special is that it matches the red hat that I made myself for this winter. When I say it matches, I'm not talking about just a little. The color is exact and the stitches blend perfectly. I'm thrilled with it. Thank you! Thank you Secret Pal, whoever you are out there!

So, here we are just a couple of days before Christmas and my house is a buzz! kids can't sleep and are constantly looking under the tree and trying to guess what is in the boxes. It is awesome! Having kids at the holiday season is the best. We even got a little bit of snow last nite, so they are thrilled. It is mostly ice, however. We live in the more southern region of TN and we usually get ice. There is a pretty white covering on most surfaces though. My youngest one already fell and busted his butt while helping grandpa fill up the bird feeders with feed. He laughed it off, thank goodness. I knew I was right to go out yesterday to get all my last minute goodies. Ha!

My husband is off today and all the kids are home from school and my dad is here (as usual) and me. All we are missing right now is my sister in Nashville. She comes down tomorrow. So I guess today would be a good day to deligate baking responsibilities and wood chopping duty. I love being the only female in the house, sometimes... it definately can have its advantages. My other brothers and sisters are scattered all around and we usually don't get together for Christmas. Usually it is Thanksgiving. As you get older and have children, its nice to have the holidays in your own house so you can set down traditions of your own. At least that is how it has been in our family. When my mom was alive, her and my dad would spend the holidays with a different one each year. I suppose that will be what me and my husband due after all the boys get out on their own with their own families....

Enough rambling, there are things to do. Have a great day and finish up your preperations!! You're running out of time, ya know. :)

Peace~ DAWN

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