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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
  Wow! What a Nite
Wow! blogger.com is really skrewing up so who the hell knows how this post will look or if you can see it at all. But here goes...

I finished the Travel Ghan!! I have yet to take any photos of it, but rest assured that when I do I will post them here and on Crochetville's Pillowghan Cal. I love the way it turned out but believe me, I'm glad its done. As if I'm not squared out as it is, I now get to start on more squares for the winter swap that I'm in. Since its a different pattern and different yarn, it should hold my interest and thrill me for the first few I make.

Well, that is it for now, until blogger perks up. I've already lost one post (blast it--don't you hate it when that happens). Just remember that we ALL make a difference in the world with the things we do and say. You cannot live alone in this world as an individual or as a country. It really is a global thing.


As you can see from the above photos....I added the pics of the completed Travel Ghan for my car. Yeah!

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