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Thursday, November 04, 2004
I went to the bookstore with my hubby last nite and came across this awesome mag. It's called Violet "modern family living/you've grown up but you haven't grown old" I highly recommend it. It's the premiere issue and comes out quarterly. Let me tell you, the photography and artwork alone are worth the $4.95. Here is a link to the webpage http://www.violetmagazine.com Check it out, but believe me it is so much better in person.

I've completed the test run of the "item" I'm making for the winter swap at crochetville and it turned out great. I just need to wash it to make sure of the durability of it and then I'm good to go. I have to crank out 3 sets before Christmas. These swaps and exchanges are so much fun. I haven't heard back from my Secret Pal since she left a comment on the blog. Hmmmm

There is gonna be a Native American Pow Wow in the next town next weekend and I'm gonna go. I love to attend different cultual events and experience new ideas. Its a great way to feel apart of the world. Well, enjoy your day and please check out the magazine. It's a new voice that I think deserves the right to be heard.

Peace~ DAWN

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