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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Thanks to all of you for your wonderful remarks about the shoulder wrap and the kind remarks about my brave and totally uninhibated son. You are so kind.

Went to wal-mart today, what a shock--its like I live there or something. Anyway, I picked up some flecked aran yarn by RH to make my dad a new scarf for Christmas. And I need it for filler stripes in some hats I'm gonna make for my son (the one in the photo) and my husband; just as soon as my yarn comes. Can't wait for that delivery. Anyway, back to wal-mart; over in the crafts department (duh) they've got about 10 new booklets from Leisure Arts dealing with crochet ponchos, crochet scarves, crochet hats and crochet wraps! It was just awesome to see. They were priced at about $6.54 each; a little pricey when you think you can get a lot of patterns off the internet or in a ginormous book. But kudos to them non the less for offering such inspiration to us all.

I have a wonderful lady from Alabama that I'm making a gift for in the Crochetville Holiday Gift Exchange. I can't wait to finish up the second piece of her gift. I'm half way done with the things I'm making for the Swap and I'm excited about mailing those out to my partners. This whole swap/exchange thing is great.

Okay, I've got to finish putting groceries away. See how much more important crochet is to me. I have food sitting in bags in my kitchen and I'm here writing in my blog. Don't worry all perishables went in the fridge first thing. I'm a good mom/wife/daughter. None of my family will suffer from food poisoning because of my yarn addition, I promise:)


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