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Friday, November 19, 2004
It's Friday! I don't care what is going on, Fridays always feel like a day to celebrate; ever since I was a kid in school, it was the day to look forward to and I guess I still do.

I finished up the altar cloth yesterday and love how it turned out. Here is a pic. of it. The table it is on is from Turkey (although you can't really see it very well).. It has really nice carvings and inlays on it. We got it when we were stationed there in the 60's. I was very little at the time, no age comments, please. I also finished a little gift for my secret pal--I wish I could post them here, but you just never know who is reading your blog. It turned out really well and I plan on making more. I also finished all of my swap gifts and those are going out today.

My order from Marnie's online store was shipped yesterday and so I should get it next week sometime. I can hardly wait. I ordered a messenger bag to take my projects with when I pick up my son or take trips with the family. It will be perfect, plus the little characters she has are soooo cute. Once again here is the link http://www.cafepress.com/marniemaclean/ You've got to check it out.

I got the new Crochet Mag. in the mail yesterday (the January issue). It really has a lot of cute stuff in it this time that I will try and some things I will adapt to different things. I love getting my crochet mags in the mail. Makes me happy. There is a cute heart doily that is about 11 inches in diameter that I want to start after the holidays. They show it with a candle sitting in the middle of it and it looks really good. I have a ton of candles all over the house. Candles, incense and gem stones (crystals) are littles things I can't seem to pass up when I'm out shopping.

We bought our Turkey for Thanksgiving yesterday. It's about 19 pounds! That seems really big to me but my husband said it was perfect. Last year we didn't have any leftovers and I think he wants to remedy that this year. There will only be 7 of us to this 19lb. bird. Granted. 5 are guys. Next week is the big baking week. I will have to crank out about 5 pies before the BIG day. Pumpkin, apple and pecan. mmmmmm

Okay, ya'll have a great weekend and enjoy the fall weather if it allows where you are. Peace~ DAWN

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