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Sunday, November 14, 2004
  Pow Wow Daze
Yesterday we went to the Pow Wow and had a great time. I posted a couple of pics for you to see. The couple were my favorite. Their costumes were beautiful and all the kids that participated were great. It was really neat to see them getting into the dances. I think my favorite part was the drum circle. At one point I stood right behind a group of 6 men and just let the beat of the drum and the sound of their voices wash over me. It was a gorgeous fall day. Just a bit breezy for my taste, but the sun was shinning and the crowd was really enthusiastic. There were a lot of venders, as well. We did a little Christmas shopping (my sister did a lot). Can't wait for the next Pow Wow. I highly recommend going to one if possible.

I got my yarn from Elann on Friday! Now I can make my fingerless gloves and the hat with flaps for my oldest. The Peruvian Wool that I bought is gorgeous. They have a ton of colors and they are all very brilliant. I wish I could get them all!! I'm almost finished with my Crochetville Swap items. One more to make and I'm done. All that will be left is blocking and then I can get them mailed to my group in time for Christmas!

I'm going on a cleaning jag right now, before the holidays settle in. If I don't get some of the clutter around here under some kind of control, I'm gonna go nuts! I am excited about Christmas this year. The last couple have been very hard because of my moms death, but I think this year I am finally ready to celebrate like she and I were use to. The last thing I want is to be freaked out about clutter!

I'm going to our local winery in about an hour. They just opened last month and this weekend is their open house. I'm excited to taste their wines (and of course purchase some). I'm anticipating liking them so that I can support them. This is a small town and to have a winery! holy shit--you bet I'm gonna support it. Then, later this evening we are off to Nashville to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra perform. Me and my hubby went last year and loved it. This time we are taking all the kids, my dad and his 'lady friend'. It should be a fun evening!

Have a great day!! Peace~ DAWN


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