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Thursday, November 18, 2004
I would like to thank Shannon for her nice compliments on the turtle. It is cool to see what direction someone will take a pattern in. The eyes just kind of came to me at the end. Also thanks to Robbyn for her kudos on my mitts. You both have very inspirational sites and I enjoy reading them.

Yesterday I finally finished my altar cloth. I have been working on this piece for several months. Not because it is intricate or large, but because I let other things take over in the crochet department. I just took it out of the bag and said to myself "you have like 8 more rows till it is completed--get off your butt and do it!" so I did. Now, I need to go to wal-mart{the evil store that sucks out most of the money from my wallet} and get some trim to finish off the edges and it will be ready to place on my table so I can place all my dear objects on. The yarn that I choose for my altar cloth was really the inspiration for the name of this blog. I just thought that the colors on this yarn were wild, and I really liked that. Post pic soon.

I am almost done with my secret pals final gift. This is another project that has taken a seemingly long time to complete. I now have vowed to hold off on any new projects until I complete this one and get in gear on my sons blanket again. Yeah, well maybe it will stick, you never know.

Have a great day! Peace~ DAWN

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