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Monday, November 22, 2004
  Great Weekend
Hope you all had a great weekend, like myself. Friday nite, my husband and I went to see the movie "National Treasure". Excellent movie--lots of fun to see; lots of funny lines and good twists and turns for my money. So if you are looking for a flick to see, this one would be a sure bet.

Saturday, after detecting that we can't find the leak in the roof over my dad's bedroom, we decided to go to Scottsboro, AL to the Unclaimed Luggage store and check out their stock. I found several CD's and some earings. I also came home with a book called 101 Granny Squares: New Motifs for Contemporary Designs. I love this book! Great patterns and even better designs. Only $8.00. Several projects to come from this book, I'm sure.

Sunday, after discovering our phone lines are down, no idea why, and after trying on several occasions to contact BellSouth, we decided to go the Brentwood and look at some furniture and then go to the Galleria to do some Christmas shopping. Of course, right next to the furniture place was a Michaels!! I just had to pop in and see what kind of yarn was on sale. Man oh man, I haven't been in a Michaels since we lived in Charleston a couple of years ago and this one had a great variety of yarn!! Ribbon and mohair and on and on...... I was in heaven. I walked out with about $25.00 worth of new yarn for my stash! Yeah for me.

My little one got to see Santa and sit on his lap and give the recitation of the yearly Christmas list. Santa almost looked overwhelmed until he realized he truely wasn't the one responsible for actually delivering on said list. We did get a 'good luck' wink and nod there at the end. Yeh, thanks Santa.

Then it was off for dinner at the Outback, which we havn't done with the boys in quite awhile ($90.00 later tells you why). But we had a lot of fun! and that is truely what is most important.

On a creative note: I am about 3/4 of the way through with a shawl Im making for my best friends birthday next month. Then there is my husband.....he has decided to take up candle making. Now, don't get me wrong, he is very creative and handy....usually his choice of medium is wood, however this time he choose wax. I was a little shocked. He said since I burn so many candles (guily) he would like to try and make me some. He has so far made about 6--and 1 is burning as I type. While we were at Michaels, we even picked up more candles making supplies. This is a lot of fun watching him get crafty for a change.

Okay, enough already..... I'll try and get up a photo in the next few minutes. have a great day everyone.......get those turkeys thawed out!
Peace~ DAWN

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