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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
  Bloody Coleslaw and Flaming French Fries
Now if that doesn't get your attention, then I don't know what the hell will. I have been having bad karma with food lately. The two most recent and outstanding being last nite while preparing coleslaw for our dinner I sliced open my left index finger pretty good while cutting the cabbage. It probably needs a stitch or two, but who has time for that? Then while shredding the carrot, I also sredded my right thumb knuckle. Ouch! Unlike the title may insinuate, there was no actual blood that got into the food (or skin) sorry for that graphic. Then this morning while toasting my waffles for breakfast.....I turned around to find a small fire inside the toaster oven. One waffle was fine but the other was charred (and the house still carries the oder of 'is something burning'). I got out a wooden skewer and poked at the offending culprit to find it was an escaped french fry from my husbands lunch the day before. Maybe I should go on a liquid diet for a while.

This day looks nothing like yesterdays glorious sunrise that I wrote about. Instead, we have winds and rain and cold. In my book.... a good day to do some shopping indoors, so that is where I'm off to this morning. It's off to the big city for me to play a little Clause. I know, I know, it's also a good day to stay in and do lots of crocheting, the only problem with that is.... I need to do some housework first. If I sit around crocheting then the guilt will set in and I will have to interupt my creative time to clean. So, instead I will vacate the premises and be none the wiser. Out of site, out of mind. Besides, you know I will end up getting some yarn to bring back home......

Have a great day! Peace~ DAWN

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