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Monday, November 29, 2004
  Beautiful Monday
Woke up this morning to the most magnificent sunrise--it looked like a painting across the sky. The clouds were whispy like feathers and the brillient orange made the sky look like it was on fire. What a way to wake up. I love it!

Here are a few hat pics that I talked about. The red hat is one that I whipped up after the RH Aran hat (which is not pictured yet). I did a nice textured pattern and gathered it at the top. It is so warm and cozy to wear...I think this is my favorite hat of the winter season this year. I predict wearing it a lot. The one on my son I made for my oldest--you'll remember him from the fur out shoulder wrap photo--well, he wasn't available when I took this photo so my youngest stood in. It is a hat with ear-flaps (my first). I love how it turned out. The other two sons liked it so much that I now have requests for two more. Add that to the finger-less glove list that has grown since the weekend, also. Still, my list of projects for gifts is fairly small and managable, so I am still not freaking out.

We saw the Sponge Bob movie this weekend. My youngest kept his room clean and picked up for a week to win this treat... I wish I could say that it was a treat for me as well, however the movie made me wish for at least a little dirt. Don't get me wrong... I like Sponge Bob okay, but have found out that I can only take him in teeny tiny amounts at a time. But my son was having such a good time that I had fun, too.

The outside of the house is half done with the decorations. We still have more lights to put out and the four pillars to wrap and some of the bushes to put lights on, too I think. It looks really pretty already, but I'm kind of a Griswald when it comes to Christmas decorating.

Have a great day everyone and enjoy preparing for this holiday season....Peace~DAWN

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