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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
  2 projects done
Sorry my post was so short yesterday; I had written quite a bit and was very pleased with it when all of a sudden my server decided to take a coffee break or something. Needless to say I was quite pissed and in my stubburn Irish way said skrew you to the blog. Then I got this nice e-mail from Marnie about her crochet items and I melted like butter and posted about that instead.

I finished the gloves as you can see by the photo and they turned out great!. Perfect for driving. As for the other photo, no I'm not torturing sea life. That is a sea turtle soap saver that I got from Shannon's blog http://catwings.blogspot.com/ It is simply to cute for words, to me. I'm going to use mine to hold potporri in for my beach themed bathroom.. I'm just startching his flippers right now that is why he's pinned down. Thanks Shannon for such a cute pattern!

I've also started on the dream catcher squares for the blanket for our bed. It's gonna take awhile to complete, but it is a good mindless project to work on while watching t.v in the evening. I have 3 of the 4 main colors...I'm still looking for a turquoise blue color in worsted weight for the final color. That is a hard color to find...it will turn up, I know it will.

I have to go wash the red dye out of my hair now, so I'll write at you later..... have a beautiful day! Peace~DAWN

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