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Friday, September 03, 2004
  Who loves to Frog?
Well, yesterday I told you of the ponchette I was making out of "frenzy"--well, scratch that (or frog it as it were). I got half way through with the first pannel and realized I need about 3 more balls of this stuff. Well, tough ****. Here's how it is... when I bought the color, I don't know, I was someone else that day or something, because it is not me at all. It's a cross between pink and purple with frizzy bits that are pastel greens, yellows, and pink--I don't like pink-so, having to go out and buy 3 more at almost $5.00 a pop, it ain't happening. I don't know what the yarn will become, probably a gift scarf or something. It's great yarn, though. Really really soft and cuddly. The ponchette is now being made with beige (yeah, exciting) Simply Soft. I will trim it with eyelash yarn probably. It will look awesome, just you wait.

I have other projects to attend before they drive me nuts. I have 3 purses that need to be lined and then they are done. I'm such a procrastinater. I get to the very end of a project and then punk out because I can't wait to get to something new. I will get them done this weekend and have pictures next week as proof. There, now I've said it so I better follow through.

No photo today folks so I leave you with an inspirational though instead (which I'm apt to do because I think it is important to lift others up if posible).....

-Celeste Yachaboni
have a great day! Peace~DAWN

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