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Sunday, September 05, 2004
  Three Handbags
Ha! I finished lining the purses like I said I would. Here are the pictures. The one with the wooden handles is my first attemt at felting! It turned out rather well (although you can't tell in the photo that it is felted--trust me, it is). I used Lionbrand Landscapes (2 balls) I really need three, but I got the last two of this color and I liked it the best, so I made due. The purse is roughly 8" by 9". I love it!! The round purse is about 6" in diameter and is such a cute take along if all you need is some cash and ID. The mini duffle is from a lionbrand pattern and while I absolutely love the color scheme it was a bear to complete. Mostly because it didn't seem to have any support. I finally got a tip from one of the ladies at Crochetville. Put a couple of cd's on each end to give stability. It worked wonderfully! Now, I need to solve the lining problem, which is just gonna take some sewing stamina on my part and then it will be a purse ready to fill.


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