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Monday, September 06, 2004
  New Stash
Well, I went to Hobby Lobby today and bought some more yarn (shocking). They are having a great sale on some really nice yarn. I bought some Tweed to make the clouch in the Hip to Crochet book and some matching wrist warmer. I will have leftovers so I'll make some hats as gifts or something. I bought the boulce yarn to make a case for my sunglasses. Midnight Knitter has a cool one on her blog that is knit. I thought I would try and make one in crochet and see how it works out. The woolease has been in the clearance bin for several weeks so I thought "well, you are still here so you were obviously meant to go home with me". I'll probably make a hat for my sister who is a landscaper and can always use a warm hat in the fall and winter for her head.

Thanks to all the ladies at Crochetville who had nice complements on my bags and thanks to Mouse, too. To all those in Florida (including some of my family) my thoughts and prayers are with you. Peace~DAWN

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